Why You Should Thank Unfollowers

Why You Should Thank Unfollowers

So you’re trying to grow your social media following. You’re posting great content each day. You’re putting in a lot of effort. Your number of followers is growing, slowly but growing. Then one day your follower count drops. Not a lot, but your number of followers is lower. Someone unfollowed you.

Ideally, you shouldn’t even let this bother you. People will unfollow you. It’s going to happen. It doesn’t mean they hate you. Don’t take it personally. But it is frustrating. You’re working so hard to grow your followers, and instead, you just lost one (or more.) So what should do?

You should thank unfollowers.

Yes, you should thank unfollowers. I don’t mean you should look up who unfollowed you (yes, there are ways) and send them a thank you note. Don’t do that. Just take a moment to realize that their “unlike” or “unfollow” is a good thing. Seriously, the unfollow is a good thing. It doesn’t seem like it at first, but it is.

Think about why you want people to follow or like your page. So they can see the content you share. And why are you creating all this content? To help promote your business/organization and reach your goals. (Usually to sell your product/services.) So if someone unfollows you, say thank you. Their unfollow tells you that they’re not interested – at least not now. Their unfollow is telling you that they are not a good fit for your product/services. Don’t try to convert the un-convertable. Don’t waste your time. Say thank you for their unfollow – their “no”.

But what if they simply didn’t understand your offering? They didn’t understand your product/service. They didn’t see how much you can help them. Well, again, thank unfollowers. They are telling you that you may need to adjust your messaging and better explain the benefits of your product/service.

Thank you unfollowers.

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