Cadet Pest Control Website

Cadet Pest Control’s Website

1 week of work in 1 minute! Another week that went by way too quickly.


Work: “Like” Cadet Pest Control, check out their website:, and call and schedule an appointment today! They will help you prepare your house for fall/winter and keep the unwanted guests out (the bugs – I’m not sure if they can help with people, call ADT-Secure24 Alarm Systems for that).

Personal: I’m working on getting my energy and strength back. The rare disease I have (primary angiitis of the central nervous system) and the treatments for it have lowered my energy/strength … and contributed to me being even more overweight than I was. It’s time to fix those issues. I started going to the gym again this week. It was my first time working out in over 11 months. I’ll try to add a few seconds of the gym into each weekly video. If you stop seeing those, please yell at me — Thank you.

Title: Broken
Artist: Jorm