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Will Facebook Kill Snapchat?

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out “Facebook Stories” to all users. We know that Facebook is strangling Snapchat, but will Facebook completely kill Snapchat?

My thoughts on Facebook vs. Snapchat

Facebook has made moves to slow Snapchat’s growth, but that doesn’t mean Facebook will kill Snapchat. Snapchat introduced us to “Stories” – quick, easy, shareable content. Content that “disappears” after being watched – or disappears within 24 hours. We now can find “Stories” on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook (and I’m sure a few other social networks as well).

Stories are the new News Feed

My prediction is “Stories” have just become the new News Feed. “Stories” are better at grabbing attention, and even holding it. If you don’t pay attention, you risk missing it. If you follow a brand’s “Stories”, you’ll quickly get in the habit of watching their content daily – and if you miss it, you risk missing their announcements.

“Facebook Stories” will put pressure on Snapchat, but Snapchat knew this was coming. Snapchat created “Stories”, but knew that wasn’t enough to keep them alive forever. It’s too easy for other social networks to reproduce “Stories”. When Snapchat launched their IPO a few weeks ago, they didn’t call themselves a social media company. Snap Inc. – the official business name of Snapchat, calls themselves a camera company. Snap Inc.’s future isn’t in social media alone, and they know it – but I believe social media will always be a part of their camera business model.

I don’t expect to see the Snapchat die. I expect them to continue to launch new products, services and apps that tie into social media. Check out their first product, Spectacles.