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Hidden Tips of Digital Marketing

I read many marketing and business development articles each day. I’m always curious to hear about the new tips/advice that the experts are willing to share. Hearing what experts are doing and seeing their data is very helpful right?

Only if you’re just getting started.

If you’re just getting into marketing, read it all. Learn the language. Learn the process. Learn what strategies were used in the past and why. Once you understand the language and have some knowledge of what worked, stop listening to the experts. Don’t listen to what they say…just watch what they do. You’ll learn much more.

The hottest marketing advice doesn’t come from listening to experts. It comes from watching what they do.

This article, The Psychology of Shareable Content has a lot of great information in it. It’s a great read, especially if you’re just getting into marketing. It covers things that have been tested and tracked for several years. When reading the article, take the time to look for their “hidden tips”.

Ask yourself what are they doing and why. As you learn the language marketers use and some of their marketing strategies utilized in the past, you’ll develop the ability to see what experts are doing today. It’s your job to figure out why and if that strategy will help you as well.

So what are some of the “hidden tips” that stood out to you? I always look at the layout of each article I read. In this article, they used multiple pages to increase the number ads you saw while reading that post (increased the amount of money they’re making for writing it).

What else stood out to you? Do you see any “hidden tips” from me in this post? There are some here.